Fixtures, Lamps, Ballasts, Controls, Sensors, Lighting Panels, LED, Fluorescent.  

We have an option for any of your lighting needs.  

We feature major brands as well as lesser-known brands to help with any budget. 

Wire & Cable

Building Wire, Copper & Aluminum, THHN, XHHW, Romex, MC, SO Cable, SJ Cable, Multiconductor, CAT-V, CAT-VI, Data

Colored Wire, Paralleled Reels, Pulling Heads, Coils

We have a huge offering of wire solutions to meet your installation needs!

Conduit & Strut

EMT, Galvanized, IMC, PVC,  PVC Coated Conduit, Liquatite

Connectors, Couplings & Elbows

Deep & Shallow Strut

Cable Tray, Basket Tray, Raceway

Threaded Rod

Wiring Devices

Light Switches, Receptacles, Plugs, USB, Cord Ends, Industrial Devices, Lighting Controls, Motor Switches, Face Plates, Harnesses, WiFi Controls, Data Ports

We have a solution for any of your device needs!

Installation Products

Boxes, Fittings, Lugs, Wire Nuts, Tape, Hangers, Reducers, Grounding Products, Nuts/Bolts, Hardware, Labels, Clamps, etc.  

Handtools, Power Tools, Wire Pullers, Conduit Benders, etc. 

We offer a full line of Installation Products & Tools

Breakers and Switchgear

Breakers, Panels, Load Centers, Fuses, Industrial Breakers, Lighting Panels,  Switchgear Accessories, etc. 

We always offer new products... but we are able to provide a refurbished option on some products. 

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